Why LBN?

We do the heavy-lifting

You can rely on us to do the heavy-lifting for you, so you can focus on pulling traffic and building revenue. Delivering immense value through our feature-rich, future-ready integrated gaming system, we promise to be your partner in success. We power our promise by tying technology, software and licensing together to give you a complete package.

Effortless Licensing

As a partner on board with LBN, you get immediate access to our gaming license, allowing you to operate in regulated markets without the struggle and costs associated with applying for your own license. LBN is licensed in Isle of Man and regulated by the IOM Gambling Supervision Commission.

Top-notch Technology

With the latest technology built in with features like responsive, HTML5 design, we bring to the table the best support system to embark on your venture with.

Premium Software

The customizable and intelligent software builds the foundation for your bingo offering and we deliver the best there is. An end-to-end solution, LBN makes you launch-ready in a short time frame.


Low risk, High returns

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Network Rooms

Every new business owner looks to mitigate risk as a pertinent business goal. For you, we will take care of that too. We give you access to our existing player liquidity from day one which excites new players to sign up with you. Our popular bingo rooms are shared across all our front ends, hence making pots and jackpots large and lucrative enough to attract more players. These rooms offer chat options for players across our partner sites, building player engagement and forging relationships with them.
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Pooling in resources from all the partners in the network, you can reap the benefits of large, guaranteed prize pots, huge jackpots and access to a thrilling, animated player community. Gain an edge on the first day of launch by depending on our resource bank that took us years to build.
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Link Games

A new and innovative feature, that has the potential to be a game-changer, is in the works. We are proud to announce that now we are going to offer Bingo rooms that will be shared outside LBN with other networks which exponentially multiply the winnings for players by sharing jackpots, rooms and players among a few networks. This exciting feature is coming soon.

Partner Speak

With a number of skins of different networks we have found that LBN are by far the most efficient and best to deal with. Their commitment to their network and the bingo product is second to none which is why we have 2 of our bingo sites on LBN. They treat all clients on the same level and with constant revolutionary bingo ideas, we take comfort in knowing they will help us grow as business in the egaming space. Keep up the good work


The live bingo network is great for any affiliate that is looking to get a white labeled bingo site. They manage absolutely everything and leave only traffic to you.My only real regret is having waited until March 2012 to become a partner with Comfybingo.com . I have been working in the bingo industry since 2005. I wish I had taken a white label from them in the earlier days when they first launched as I believe I have left a lot of money on the table having sent traffic elsewhere. The player value on the network is high and they were one of the first to offer a html5 mobile client that really helps raise the lifetime player value for their partners. The transparency that you get with the players’ data from being a white label partner is something that appeals to me as

Ready Set Bingo

The Live Bingo Network suits 8 Ball Games and Ready Set Bingo perfectly; their attention to detail and hands-on management is great. The team looks after our customers and ensure they experience the best promotions, bonuses and loyalty schemes.

Bingo Bytes

LBN helped me to grow my business rapidly. We started off (www.bingobytes.co.uk) as a small business but after collaborating with them, we never looked back. Since then, we have seen a big increase in traffic and business. It is all because of their efficient SEO, web development and bingo gaming products and services. On top of that, these guys quoted about half of what most other bingo consultants were quoting. Kudos to the LBN team and thanks for the value they have added to my business!

Bobs Bingo

We launched Bob’s Bingo on LBN in 2010 and had a bespoke experience working with them. As an LBN affiliate you know you will get paid – great commission and better player retention than elsewhere. LBN offers to partners a high level of service and is very responsive from day one to launch.CRM at LBN is really good, they will look after your players and offer higher spenders a bespoke VIP service and deliver them a customized service. Dormant players are contacted periodically and depositors are offered extra incentives to stay loyal.Niti and her LBN team are always open to your ideas and thoughts are always taken seriously and acted upon. They are friendly, efficient and punctual and are a pleasure to work with.


A turnkey solution for your gaming needs

Leverage our smart software that seamlessly handles all your operational requirements together and delivers a market-ready, plug and play gaming solution for you. Our goal is to take on the technological complexity and churn out a simple, easy-to-use product for you.


Responsive Design

If you are worried about creating gaming content that appeals to the modern player who accesses it on multiple devices, our ‘responsive design’ feature is the answer to this market challenge. An intelligent and intuitive system – it focuses on site performance, navigation, interactivity and content prioritization to optimise player experience across all devices and resolutions; ensuring player loyalty and engagement anytime, anywhere for your Bingo offering.



Although a nascent technology, HTML5 is a powerhouse when it comes to delivering great graphics coupled with rapid delivery of content across multiple platforms. We have accepted it as the standard here, leveraging this next-gen technology to make you future-ready.


Stable platform

A stable platform with great functionality is imperative to your success. Powered by Cozy Games, Cozy Core is our state-of-the-art registration, verification and banking platform that offers a cost-effective, open and secure solution. A highly capable platform, it keeps your product failsafe and strong.


24X7 Support

Customer support, bar none is our goal. We work around the clock to offer email, voice and live chat support to players for all our partners. Our experienced team is committed to addressing customer issues quickly and efficiently and assists players with questions or concerns.


Chat Support

Our team of chat hosts are the best in the business. Fun, knowledgeable, approachable and amiable; our people are adept at their job – monitoring bingo rooms around the clock, running chat games and building strong relationships with players, keeping them happy and loyal.

A 360 degree marketing solution that offers an all-in-one package that can be customised to suit your needs.



We have an in-house Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that excels at making sure that your site gets top ranking on search engines.


CRM: Relationship and Retention

Customer retention is a priority that is high up on our list of business goals and our CRM plan is carefully designed to deliver the best results for our partners.Our cutting-edge CRM program is delivered through Silverpop, our digital marketing partner that specializes in marketing automation, email, mobile and social.


Affiliate Management

You can benefit from our strong affiliate management service which offers a cost-effective marketing channel to gain new players by making use of the existing network. You being a new offering can quickly build your reputation in the market with our help.



The deep insight we have into player psyche built over years, allows us to come up with exciting and creative promotions that engage players and keep them regular with us. Our operation managers backed by experience and analytics, creates offers that are always attractive.

LBN takes care of hosting your site on a scalable, failsafe and stable platform. We host your games and also offers extra like taking care of bugs and site updates.

Our specialized website design and content management team will bring your creative ideas to life. Our resources are yours to use for your design and content needs whenever you require site updates.

At LBN, all financial transactions are processed using the best encryption technology. Each and every transaction is closely monitored by our fraud management and control team to ensure complete security of data. Our goal is to offer you uncompromised protection from fraud and security breaches, always.

We take Responsible Gaming seriously at LBN. Offering special features to ensure player protection, we adhere to all regulations and follow best practices as required.


Velocity controls – Deposit Limits

Since the concept of gaming is supposed to be intrinsically addictive, LBN ensures that players have the option to set limits for the amounts they deposit to play.


Age verification

When LBN hosts games for you, the one thing you can be sure of is that we make all efforts to ensure that those players who register to play are of legal age. To this end, several checks are used and all steps necessary are taken.



We have a clear self-exclusion policy that allows players who fear that they may have a gambling problem to choose a period of time, to render their account inactive during that time. They can return to play when they choose to.


Plan your future with us

Portfolio of games

Our broad product portfolio is engaging for players and reaps high returns for you. Four exciting versions of Bingo – 30 Ball, 75 Ball, 80 Ball, 90 Ball teamed with side game/mini game content that includes thrilling slot games, casino games, instant win games like scratch cards and chat games.games

Mobile games

Mobile is a strategic part of our business and we are prepped and ready to tap this market. Our integrated bingo offering including the bingo product and the slot games are backed by HTML5 technology, making them responsive and portable device compatible across platforms. Players can now access, register, transact and play our product on their iPhones, Android phones, tablets and phablets (devices between phone and tablet sizes).

Partner with us

The five – step magic

Step1: Choose your brand name

Step2: Select the theme

Step3: Create the Site

Step4: Customize the content and select games

Step5: GO LIVE

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